Saturday, November 21, 2009

Matt makes a new loan

Matt made a new loan to a client in Iraq.

This client was born in 1985 and is single. Since childhood he worked with his father and learned a lot from him. Four years ago he established a blacksmith shop for himself and carried on his work. This is the second loan that he will receive from Al-Thiqa. The loan will increase his business and he will gain a good profit.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Matt makes a new loan

Matt made a new loan to Kamal Khan of Afghanistan.

Kamal Khan is married with five children. He is a farmer and he has been working as a farmer more than 25 years, so he is quite experienced in this field. He would like to expand his business and purchase different kinds of seeds in order to have a harvested land.

Matt makes a new loan

Matt made a new loan to the Karyma Sameira Group of Afghanistan.

Karyma is the group leader of the Karyma Sameira group. There are five members in this group. Each of them wants to take a loan for expanding her business. Karyma and Sameira want to take a loan for their business of bakery. Mahraw Gull also wants to take a loan for her son’s business of book store. Habiba wants to take a loan for her business of embroidery. Razya also wants to take a loan for the business of beading.

Matt makes a new loan

Matt made a new loan to Abdull Aziz of Afghanistan.

Abdull Aziz is an educated, hard-working man who is responsible for all his family members. He has been involved in agriculture for more than 15 years. With his income, he can support his family and pay the rent for his house, but he can't afford to build or buy a house, so he must continue renting. A few years ago, he bought land, but he has been unable to build on it. Therefore he has requested an individual loan of 50000 Afghanis to start building a new home on his land where he can start a new life, help his family better, and make a bright future for his family.

Katherine makes a new loan

Katherine made a new loan to Peter of Kenya.

Peter is 21 years old. He wants a loan to add stock to his general store. He hopes to attract more customers, especially those from outside his neighborhood. In addition to his retail shop, Peter has a side business selling broiler chickens. Peter's hopes and dream are to improve his living standards and to be able to purchase his own motorcycle to transport goods to clients at market.

Terry makes a new loan

Terry Keister made a new loan to Maritza of Nicaragua.

Maritza sells automotive parts. Maritza is an enterprising and tenacious woman so she enjoys her job very much. She has been working in this business for 16 years. Maritza started her own small business with a desire to improve her standard of living since she needed to raise her children. Through intelligent economical choices in her initial purchases, Maritza was able to capitalize on her profits upon the resale of her products. The majority of her clients are drivers. The money will be used for capital to purchase items such as tires, air valves, hoses, retainers among others. Maritza’s wish is to provide her children with the necessary education so they may one day be competent professionals.