Sunday, July 5, 2009

Matt makes a new loan

Matt made a new loan to Sean and James of the United States of America.

Organic Mechanics is a landscaping business that integrates environmentally sensitive and sustainable practices. James and Sean make a constant effort to reduce their carbon footprint and provide a green alternative to standard landscaping companies.

Sean and James have been rejected for a bank loan before because they lack collateral and the loan amounts they need are so small. They are looking for a loan to replace several gas-powered tools with rechargeable ones in order to fulfill their eco-friendly promise. Additionally, as the business has grown, they need to rent and renovate a storage space for their equipment.

Sean and James depend on their business as their sole source of income and dream of seeing Organic Mechanics grow to a point where they will have full-time employees and be able to expand the areas that they serve. To see some of their award-winning work that has developed a loyal clientele and word-of-mouth following, please visit their website at:

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