Monday, August 17, 2009

Matt makes a new loan

Matt made a new loan to Frederick of the United States.

Frederick takes pride in serving his customers well, which is why he is starting his own business. Previously, as a fire inspector for government agencies, he spent a lot of time checking day care centers and other commercial outlets for fire hazards. However, he wanted to be able to show his customers he appreciated their business by offering them discounts or giving them free services in exchange for repeat business. At government agencies, bureaucratic red tape made this impossible, so Frederick had to explore some other options.

Vehicle emissions inspection seemed a natural career course for him, because it would enable him to work for himself and use his prior training. A year and a half ago, with the idea to start an emissions testing center, he enrolled in and completed an emissions testing certification course.

Though Frederick deals with typical business challenges like finding a visible location for his center, he is so much happier now that he is able to offer his customers better service. After using his first ACCION USA loan to purchase an emissions analysis machine for his center, he plans to open up more centers in other counties in Georgia that require emissions testing.

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