Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Terry makes a new loan

Terry made a new loan to Delia Ramos of the Philippines.

Delia Ramos has been a fish vendor in her village for almost one year. Her goal is to improve and expand her business and to further support the daily needs of her family. However due to lack of capital, she could not pursue her plans. Because of this, she would like to request PHP 4,000.00 as additional capital for her vending business. She is happy that through her vending, she is able to provide her family with food to eat three times a day and also to give her children their school allowance. Her family is trying to surpass the economic crisis they are encountering nowadays. She hopes that her business will become successful someday. She always prays that through all her sacrifices, God will give her a way to attain her goals in life.

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